Growth, Succession, Distress

About the Firm

ElliottBourke & Co is a Chartered Accounting practice.
We work with medium size businesses by helping them to do a great job managing growth, succession or distress. You can understand what we would do for you and how much we would charge without any cost simply by calling or emailing Leo Bourke.

Our Work

We expect to provide you advice that is usable and valuable bringing the blend of theory, experience, creativity, pragmatism and nous that your situation requires.

Some examples of our work include:

Contract CFO
Finance Function Assessment and Design
Improve systems, processes and decisions
Improving cash flow
Borrowing Money
Business planning, budgeting and forecasting
Project management
Sell or buy a business
Digitisation of Business Processes


Leo Bourke Director

Leo is the founder and Director of ElliottBourke & Co. He is a Chartered Accountant with a Certificate of Public Practice.

Leo has a broad range of experience including 5 years in the City of London as a Corporate Recovery Services Manager for one of the largest Chartered Accounting firms in the world. For the 15 years before setting up ElliottBourke he held senior roles including Chief Executive, General management, Chief Financial Officer and governance roles.

In the years ElliottBourke & Co has operated, Leo has advised a range of businesses including businesses providing digital services, health care, infrastructure, communication devices, heavy equipment, testing, trades, and more.

Leo brings his experience and insight to ElliottBourke's customers ensuring that they have access to world class ideas and practical solutions.